Why Southern Decors

Be it Corporate interior solution providers or Local assemblers there is lot of flaws in the process. Here is the difference

Comparison chart

Description Southern Decors Corporates Local assemblers / Carpenters
Materials Branded Branded Non Branded
Make Factory Made Factory Made Site work
Modular 100% 100% Non modular
Design By architects Outsourcing Not available
Project coordination Dedicated Manpower Multiple manpower Unprofessional
Process Simple Complicated Unprofessional
Customisation 100% Cannot be done Unprofessional
Pricing 100 % No deviation High because of overheads Deviation increases 50 %
Project Completion On time Not guaranteed Never completed properly
After sales service 100 % Guaranteed Too many protocols Not reliable
Warranty 10 years Cumbersome and Partial Not reliable
Southern Decors - One stop Solution for all your Residential / Commercial Interiors